Sheikh Hamza
Well, let me introduce myself who am I. My name is Sheikh Muhammad Hamza. I'm a 21-year-old student of BS (CS) at NCBA&E Lahore. I'm in the field of the internet from 2010.
Sheikh HamzaSEO Expert

Aslam O Alakum Guys,

I worked on several projects but got no success.

In 2010, I launched my first website on news, and the result comes with a BIG failure. Then, I moved on to a new idea to launch another website on a different niche, and the result comes the same. I read several to get success but unable to do so. I was totally failed in Google AdSense, and then I decided to change my track to stop working on it. The time moves on and on…

Life Changing Moment


In 2015, I found a blog i.e. from Google. It’s the time of the revolution. I read and watched several SEO blogs to gain knowledge that related to search engine optimization. However, free training BLOG powered by Sir. Muhammad Faizan Khan gives me a lot of things / knowledge to move ahead with my skills.

He shared his experience and knowledge in a simple and easy to ways on 'how to do SEO.'

I learnt several techniques and implemented all one-by-one on my blog. You can't imagine what the results came out. Free SEO videos makes me an SEO expert. Then, I decide to go with paid training, while thinking if the free videos are giving me this much benefit then how much would I get from the paid?

And then I joined the SEO Expert Training 6th Batch in December 2015.

Sir. Muhammad Faizan Khan is the best teacher. He teaches us a very simple way with the students. I never found a teacher who gives this much support and assistance to his students. He always motivates me you’ll touch the SKY very soon.

…and here comes MY Blog's Proof where I'm standing now (23 Feb. 2016) after completing SEO Experts Training 6th Batch

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My Niche: Technology :p

AdSense Report Of My One Blog (Sep. 2015 to Feb. 2016)


My Mentor's magic of SEO 1, 2, 3.