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Having 19 Years Experience in SEO Field [Muhammad Faizan Khan] will Teach & Train Newbies and Make them SEO Experts.

Basics of SEO

The year 2014 was indeed lucky for me because i joined the SEO Training of Muahmmad Faizan Khan. From the last 3 years I was bullied by people, they used to call me idiot. I faced rude behavior and was humiliated by them. Even i cried once but I think it was the time when Allah listen me. At last I found a hope and got on the right track in my life. In August 2014 I found such a humble and down to earth angel on earth in the form of Sir Faizan. He trained me from scratch and polished my skills. With every passing day I gained my confidence and learned new things. Now after three months of SEO Training I am on the road of success. I am working on my own projects and I can hire people. The MOTTO of the training was “ZERO TO HERO” and Sir Faizan proved it. In July I was “ZERO” and now I am “HERO”. There are many people in the market who make you fool by givning 5 or 10 weeks training and that is not for the beginners because they don’t reveal the secrets of SEO. If you are still not finding a right track then I would suggest you to join Sir Faizan and make efforts in the right direction to achieve something big and change your life. Thanks to Sir Faizan Khan for providing life changing opportunity and sharing your knowledge with us. May Allah bless you Ameen
I have been working online since 2008 and over the years I have developed strong research techniques. However, few months back I was struggling to find a way to do Off-site SEO for my website. I went through dozens of Ebooks, Videos and Online Courses. I came across many individuals who claimed to be SEO professionals but majority depended upon softwares to get their SEO done. Google is continuously evolving and can’t be fooled for much long and therefore I have always required a legitimate method which could work in the longer run. In my quest to learn SEO, I ended up watching Youtube Free Video by Faizan bro. The video made me felt how much similar my approach was to Faizan. Apart from SEO training, Paid tools and help regarding financial instruments was a convincing factor for me. I consulted someone very close to me and it took me one whole week to decide, whether SEO training is worth it or not. My Reasons to Join Muhammad Faizan Khan as an instructor: => He is someone who never displays any signs of arrogance => He is someone who encourages and helps gain self esteem => He is someone I could trust with the secrecy of my niches, my keywords and my personal information => He is someone who is always approachable on call and willing to answer my questions without any hint of irritation => He is someone who has planned out his training course thoroughly, including a blend of lectures and assignments My Learning Outcomes from SEO Training batch III: -> Stronger Keyword Research -> Stronger Financial Management of SEO projects -> Better Technical Knowledge about building a website from Scratch -> Stronger On-site SEO -> Stronger Off-site SEO (Without any softwares) -> Better Understanding of PBNs My website is already ranking on the desired keywords within a matter of days not months, which supports my argument in favor of SEO training. I am thankful to Faizan bro for his support, and I hope we could have a long lasting bond even after the end of training. As someone who has studied in top educational institutes, I am pretty much sure that 18k fee was a very reasonable amount to charge. I myself won’t have trained anyone for less than that.
This training was full of motivation.. Although i was so busy to complete all the assignmnts which i will do soon but what i learnt is far more than $180. This training has made me realize that patience and willpower works when it comes to internet earning. The mentor Mr. Muhammad Faizan Khan was available for the assistance and support. This course covers a major part of Freelancing and social media earnings along with complete soul of SEO. My life is changed in a way in which noone can make me fool of blackhat techniques now! I am proud to be SEO expert!

Free Bonus

  • Free Domain for Google Adsense Website.
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • Free Unique Articles for Google Adsense Website.
  • Genesis, Theme-Junkie & MyThemeShop Themes having worth of $1,000.
  • Premium Plugins to Boost your Sales & User Behavior.

Benefits to Join our SEO Experts Training

  • How to Make a Proper Plan & Set a Goal to Earn your First Dollar
    Proper Keyword Research
  • Choose Best Domain Type
  • How to Buy the Best Hosting
  • How to Choose the Right Article Writer for your Websites
  • How to Choose the Best Graphic Designer for your websites
  • How to do Proper On-Page SEO
  • How to do Proper Off-Page SEO
  • How i have 650 HIGH Quality sites in my network and you can copy me too
  • How to create your OWN PBN(Private Blog Network), PBN(Public Blog Network) & NBN(Niche Blog Network)
  • How to create your Blog Network Cheap ($12 $50) or Affordable ($50 $200)
  • How to track the Ranking of your Keywords through Proper Tools

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