Q1.How much time it would take for the training?

Ans. The training will take place for Three & a half Months

Q2. What would be the medium of language for the Training ?

Ans. The training will be purely in Urdu as it targets users from Pakistan & India or any Person who can speak Urdu.

Q3.Will i be able become expert ?

Ans. Yes sure but only on one condition if you will follow the given steps & do the given assignments / Projects on time. Then you will have to pass a final examination in the end of the semester where you will be ranked according to the learnt expertise.

Q4. How will i know that in which specific Category of SEO I am good in ?

Ans. This will be shown in the evaluation exam in the end of the semester.

Q5. How many classes are there?

Ans. There would be two classes on weekly basis from Friday to Saturday. Timings may vary but approx webinar is after 7pm and avg length of the webinar is more than 1hrs.

Q6. Will we get recording and text material of the webinar?

Ans. Yes . Every member will have his membership account where all webinars, text files and presentations will be stored there. Avg timings of the webinar to be uploaded after its done is 1 day.

Q7. When is teacher is available for counseling ?

Ans. Every student is given individual timings for counseling with special attention. The students can contact the teacher on cellphone, skype & on facebook. All questions are to be answered and each student is advised to create a list of questions before contacting the teacher for better communication.

Q8. Can i contact teacher apart from given counseling hours ?

Yes. But only in emergencies & yes Sundays are off.

Q9. Would we be given any material or tools ?

Ans. Yes those who have taken the course will be given license special tools & other paid content for free with proper guidance that how use them. Pls note: No cracked software will be provided.

Q10.Is there a course refund ?

Ans. There won’t be any course refund once paid but for sample free lectures one can check introductory 5hrs lecture on SEO and Youtube. This lecture also includes free tools and how to use them.

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